1. How can I have my statements delivered electronically?
First Financial Bank eStatements are an electronic version of your First Financial Bank checking and savings account statements. To request eStatements, log on to Internet Banking, click on the User Services page, and select “E-Statements Only”, at the bottom of the page, click “Electronic Only Statement Delivery”. Read the Disclosure page, and then do one of the following:

On the eStatements Request page, verify that your e-mail address is correct. Do one of the following:

There is no charge for eStatements.

2. Will my eStatement look the same as by printed statements?
Your eStatements will look similar and will contain all the account information that was in your paper statement.

3. Will I still be able to get a paper copy of my statement if I sign up for eStatements?
No. Once you sign up for eStatements, a paper statement will no longer be sent to you. 

4. How will I know my statement is ready to be viewed online?
First Financial Bank will send you an e-mail when your statement is available. If you do not receive an e-mail please:

You may log on and view your eStatements at any time, even if you have not received an e-mail.

5. Can I cancel the e-mail notification that my current statement is available?
No. The e-mail notification is for your protection.

6. If I close my account, how will I get the electronic statement?
Your last statement will be mailed to you in a paper format at your last address of record on file at First Financial Bank.

7. How do I view my First Financial Bank eStatements?
After you receive your confirmation e-mail, log in to Internet Banking to view your eStatements. To print your statements, click on the print icon on the statement page.

8. What if I can’t access my eStatements?
Contact First Financial Bank at 1-218-584-5161 for help.

9. How do I view a check image?
Open your account history.  In the Description column, click the check number link that you want to view.

10. What if I need a copy of a cancelled check?
To view images of your checks, log in to Internet Banking, open your account history. In the Description column, select check number that you want to view. Select and print your check. From the time you begin Internet Banking, you will accumulate up to 24 months of statements. If you need a check posted before this time, please call First Financial Bank at 1-218-584-5161.

11. How far back can I view my eStatements?
The eStatements are available for 24 months after issue. If you need a statement that is older than 24 months, please contact First Financial Bank at 1-218-584-5161.  Some additional fees may apply.

12. What if I decide that I would prefer to receive a paper copy of my statement after I sign up for eStatements?
You can cancel your eStatements by logging in to Internet Banking, on the Accounts Statement screen, click either Opt Out for this Account or Opt Out for All Accounts. On the Electronic Statement Delivery Cancellation Request screen, click Accept . You will receive your paper statements in the mail at the next statement cycle. There may be a fee associated with the reinstatement of paper statements.