1. What screen do I have to be on to download into Quicken or Microsoft Money?
You must be on the Account History screen. Once you have logged on, click the Accounts tab. Find the account you want to download. Under Make a Selection, click the history link.

2. How can I download my account activity into Quicken or Microsoft Money?
On the Account History screen, choose the dates and format you wish to download.

3. Can I upload FROM Quicken?
No. The history is generated from your activities on this site.

4. How do I download into a spreadsheet like Microsoft®Excel?
You must be on the Account History page.

  1. Choose either the comma separated or the tab separated format.
  2. Save as download.cvs.
  3. Open your spreadsheet.
  4. Open the downloaded file.

5. Can I download to Quicken®Quickbooks?
Yes. QuickBooks downloads are possible. You should see QuickBooks Web Connect as a download option on the Download Format list.

6. How do I open my account history in my Personal Financial Manager program?
If you are running Windows, make sure the file extension is visible. Look for download.qif or download.ofx. Select File, click Import, and then, click OK to load the data into your program. You can download your account history directly into your personal financial manager program.

7. Why does Quicken ask for my passcode?
If you are receiving a message that requests a passcode, then you are attempting to download your account information from the Quicken web site. In order to download into Quicken, you will need to log on to your Internet account with First Financial Bank and follow the steps available on the help screen. Click the HELP icon to open help for the screen you are viewing. You can also refer to the instructions above.

8. Why does Quicken ask for my access ID and passcode when I click on download history?
If you are receiving this message, make sure you are using the latest version of your browser.

9. Why can’t I access my account through Quicken and pay my bills through Quicken?
You will not be able to access your account or pay bills through Quicken, because it is all done online through your account with First Financial Bank. You will first need to sign up for a checking account through First Financial Bank. You can enroll online for Internet Banking. Once you have online access, you can pay bills and download your transaction history, including bill payments into Quicken to reconcile your account.

10. Why does Quicken not recognize the checks that I hand entered when using “Quicken Web Connect” through First Financial Bank’s web site?
Quicken is guaranteed to recognize only the information you have previously downloaded. If the checks you have hand-written have cleared your account, they will be included in your history download to your check register.

11. How can I download to Quicken without opening a browser?
Use the following steps:

12. Why does Quicken put everything in the memo field when I download?
Make sure you have the latest version of Quicken, and use the new Web Connect Feature. With Web Connect, Quicken will put the information in the correct fields.

13. Why does Quicken give me a message telling me I have no transactions to download?
Either you have already downloaded the most current data, or there is no account history to download yet.