1. How do I reorder checks?
Click the User Services tab, and then click Reorder Checks. For security reasons, you can only reorder checks with the same style and address as your current checks.

2. Can I specify if I want a different check style when I reorder checks on the Internet?
No. To change the check style, contact us at 1-218-584-5161.

3. How do I request a Stop Payment?
Only standard check payments may be stopped, not an online Bill Pay payment.
On the User Services screen, click Stop Payment link. Completely fill in all areas of the stop payment request. Click on the READ AND PRINT STOP PAYMENT DISCLOSURE button, read the form and if you agree to the terms, click the Print this Form button, sign the form and mail or bring it to the bank. Next click on the Submit Stop Payment Request..

4. What is “Notify Me”?
This is a service that allows users to monitor their online account activity and balances by opting-in to receive e-mail notifications to their home e-mail addresses. You can better manage your accounts by avoiding unnecessary service charges, ensuring transactions are processed, and preventing unusual activity on your account.  You have the option to receive a notification whenever the account activity that you have specified occurs.

5. How do I set up a “Notify Me” message alert?
On User Services, click Notify Me. If your e-mail address needs to be changed click Update e-mail Address and confirm your new address. For Message Alerts, click yes if you would like to receive e-mail notification of a transaction-related event or Customer Service messages. Click Add New Activity Alerts to monitor your accounts. Select the accounts that you want to monitor. Click Select next to the activities you want to activate. Click submit to save your changes. These changes take effect immediately.

6. Can I change my access ID?
 No. Your access ID is unique to your account and cannot be changed.