1. What if all my accounts are not displayed on my account list?
At the time that you enrolled in Internet Banking, you selected which accounts you wanted to have access to. If you wish to add additional accounts to your Internet banking log on to Internet Banking, select User Services and Add New Online Account. You must be a sole or joint owner or an authorized signer on the account to have it added to your available accounts.

2. Do I have to log out completely before switching accounts?
No. To switch accounts, carry out the following procedure:

3. What is the triangle next to Account #?
The triangle indicates how the table is sorted. Click the column title to sort your account list by account type, owner, number, or balance.

4. What is the difference between history and detail?
History and Detail are defined as follows:

5. What is the difference between the Xpress balance and the Ledger balance?
They are defined as follows:

6. Why does my bank show a balance that is different from what I can view on my Internet account from home?
First Financial Bank may not have updated the balance from your Internet transactions yet.

7. Is the data displayed on the inquiry screens current?
The data displayed is obtained directly from First Financial Bank’s current databases via a daily file transmission. For security reasons, the IB Processing Center does not have a direct connection to First Financial Bank's system. Account balances and transactions for savings and checking accounts will reflect the previous days ending balance. Transactions conducted throughout the day and completed by 3:00 pm will usually be posted at the end of the business day. Balances for other accounts, such as loans and CDs, are generally cut off the end of the previous business day.

8. How can I increase the size of the text in my statement?
Change your browser's font settings.
• In Netscape Navigator:

  1. On the File menu, click Preferences.
  2. On the Appearance menu, click Font.
  3. Select a larger fixed width font. Make sure the Use my default fonts option is selected.
  4. Click the OK button.

• In Internet Explorer:

9. How can I adjust my screen to view all history without having to scroll?
If you are using Internet Explorer as your browser, click View, select Text Size, and choose the font size most appropriate for viewing.

If you are using Netscape Navigator as your browser, click View and choose Increase Font or Decrease Font.

10. There is an “Unposted” on my Account History screen. What is it?
An “Unposted” entry is created for all Internet transactions (for example, an online bill payment or a transfer), which will reconcile the next business day.

11. Why do I have a red message notice on my screen?
If you have any unread urgent messages, an Urgent Messages link appears on every screen. Clicking this link takes you to the Messages screen.

12. How can I change the size of the text in a table?
The tables are designed to show as much text as possible on a single screen. Whether you can change the size of the text depends on your browser. Try following your browser's directions for increasing text size (this should be found in your browser's help).

13. Can I change my access ID?
No. Your access ID is unique to your account and cannot be changed.

14. Can I use any browser for online banking?
You may use any browser that supports the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protocol. Most popular browsers support this security feature. We also require your using a 128-bit encryption browser. Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator both offer this free upgrade. We recommend this to maintain our high security level.

15. What accounts can I access online?
Personal checking, savings, CD/IRA, and loans may all be accessed through the system.

16. If I have a problem transferring funds, how do I report it?
When a problem occurs with a transfer, write down the Transfer ID number appearing on the Transfer Confirmation screen, and refer to it when you report the problem by secure e-mail to First Financial Bank. Click the messages tab, and then click the Contact Us link to report the problem.

17. Can I transfer money from one account to another account?
Yes, if both accounts are accessible online. Click the transfers tab, and click the Schedule a Transfer link at the top of the page. Fill in the account, description, amount, frequency, and period information, and click the Transfer button to schedule the transfer.

18. When I schedule a transfer, are these changes reflected immediately in my balance?
Yes, the debit transfers are reflected immediately on the Account Detail screen as an unposted transaction. The posted transactions will be displayed when American State Bank updates the online payments.

19. How soon after a transaction is performed will it appear on the system?
This varies according to the type of transaction. Transactions are not instantaneous. However, debit transactions will show up immediately as an unposted transaction and will affect your available balance. Most transactions will be processed on the same banking day, and your regular balance will be updated.

20. What are user services?
User services allow you to request many standard financial services, including reordering checks, requesting stop payments, updating contact information, and ordering copies of documents such as cancelled checks, disclosure forms, and loan agreements.

You can also send questions or comments to First Financial Bank through encrypted message, change your passcode, and look up contact information for First Financial Bank, including our address, phone numbers, and fax number.

21. Can I default to a different screen when I log on rather than going straight to payments?
Yes, you can select which section you want to view first. Go to the User Services tab and click User Preferences. Select Start Page Selection link. Use the drop-down menu to choose which section will appear first when you log on.

22. How do I change my address?
Click the User Services tab and select Change Address Information. This information will be sent to us at First Financial Bank via a secure message to change your address for all of your accounts.

23. If I change my address on the site, will it change the address on my account at First Financial Bank?
No, changing your address on the system will send a secure message to First Financial Bank notifying us of the requested change. We will then verify this request with you to make sure that you were indeed the one who requested this change.

24. Why does it say “Information Received” when I change my address, and not “Address Updated”?
The address change information you have entered does not automatically change your address. This information is sent via secure messaging to First Financial Bank. After we verify that the account holder made the request we will then make the change and update your address.

25. How do I change my passcode?
Click the User Services tab and select Change Passcode to change your passcode. Your online Passcode is sensitive and must be at least seven characters and must include both numbers and letters.  One of those letters will need to be capitalized

26. How often do I have to change my passcode?
Changing your passcode is at your discretion. For your protection, we recommend that your change your passcode regularly. If you feel that your passcode has been compromised, immediately contact us at 1-218-584-5161.  At any other time, you can change the passcode in the User Services tab.

27. Why can't I change my passcode without getting an error message?
The passcode you entered does not pass our security check. In order to maintain tight security you must choose a passcode that is at least seven characters long, is unique, and cannot easily be deciphered.

28. What do I do if I forget my passcode?
First Financial Bank offers the Automated Passcode Reset feature, click the Forgot Your Passcode? link on the login module. You will be asked some information for Account Validation. You then must correctly answer your Verification question. Reset Your Passcode, enter submit and your will see a Confirmation Message. The final step will send an e-mail confirmation that contains a Passcode Reset Confirmation code and a link to the Passcode Reset Confirmation page. To complete the passcode reset, you must click on the link and login. You will be required to enter your passcode reset confirmation number and submit. Or, call us at 1-218-584-5161 and we can assign you a new temporary passcode. As soon as you use it to log on, you will be required to change it again to ensure security.

29. How do I get quick answers to my questions?
General and context-specific online help is available on every screen.  General Help provides an overview of the features and functions of our web site. Click the HELP link located above the tabs for general help. Context-specific Help provides information for the page you are looking at. Click the HELP icon on the left-had side near the top and bottom portions of the screen.